FBE Token

What is it and how does it work?

What is "FBE" ?

FBE, also known as Free Basic Electricity, is the amount of electricity, which is deemed sufficient to provide basic electricity services to a poor household. This amount of energy should be sufficient to provide basic lighting, basic media access, basic water heating using a kettle and basic ironing in terms of grid electricity and basic lighting and basic media access for domestic electricity users and non-grid systems according to your local Municipality or utility provider.

How to get an FBE from Electricity.co.za

Certain clients are eligible for Free Basic Electricity (FBE) tokens based on the criteria of their respective Municipality or Utility provider. This FBE Token will typically be received with your first purchase of prepaid electricity per month. If you are eligible and wish to retrieve only your FBE token, you can obtain it by requesting your monthly FBE Token with us by calling +27 (0) 10 600 0400 (8:00 - 20:00) , or by mail at info@electricity.co.za or by clicking here.

NB please be aware that not all Municipalities supply an FBE Token.