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Jager Management Private Metering


For the past 13 years Jager has been leading the way with cutting-edge solutions which simplify utility management. We’re an EPC company with over 40 talented employees, all focussed on providing flawless solutions which put our clients in control of their utility expenditure and energy management. We are constantly innovating – searching for smart solutions to current and emerging utility needs . We have a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to relieve the frustration of dealing with utility challenges, uniquely tailored to meet our customers’ unique requirements. We are investing in a sustainable future through our renewable energy solutions. For the South African market renewable energy sources, like solar energy, create security. Our pioneering team of engineers apply the latest technology to create renewable energy solutions for your business, solutions that drive revenue and reduce energy expenditure. As energy management is becoming a global concern, we are leading the way with our sophisticated solutions.

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